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Cyanobacterial Sleeping Beauty

(October 27th, 2016) Our writer, Alejandrolvido, tells a scientific fairy tale, starring a perished prokaryote princess and several lion-hearted microbiologists, bringing it back from the dead.


Crowdfunding 101

(October 25th, 2016) Thinking of crowdfunding your project, but don’t know where to start? Mike Schaefer, from the University of Zurich, investigates what factors make for a successful project. It turns out that jargon and dense scientific content are not very popular.


Science Fun of the Week

(October 21st, 2016) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: The happy, little devil in all of us.


The Next Step in Tissue Culture

(October 20th, 2016) When 3D cell culture doesn't satisfy your expectations anymore, growing organoids could be a better option. In a new paper, scientists managed to fool stem cells into making lung alveoli look-alikes.


Fraud or Serious Forgery?

(October 18th, 2016) The Danish High court cleared one of Denmark's most infamous researchers, Milena Penkowa, of certain misconduct charges. The court found her guilty of fraud but not of serious forgery.


Science Fun of the Week

(October 14th, 2016) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today, we get a little poetic.


What is Ethical Gene Editing?

(October 13th, 2016) The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, an independent body that advises policy makers, recently published the first findings of its review on the impact of genome editing in research.


More Responsible Peer Review and Less “Fantasy” in Science

(October 11th, 2016) Science publishing is not experiencing the best of its time. Nobel laureate, Thomas Südhof analyses some of its problems and proposes potential solutions in his most recent essay.


Science Fun of the Week

(October 7th, 2016) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: A conversation with the newly-minted Ig Nobel laureate, Thomas Thwaites, aka Goat Man.


Something about Italian Universities

(October 5th, 2016) Paediatrician Donato Rigante, 50 years old, recently published a letter in The Lancet, in which he has described a system of inequality in the academic promotion of professionals at Italian universities. We wanted to know more.


Eat Me, We're Starving!

(October 4th, 2016) Congratulations to Yoshinori Ohsumi, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries of the mechanisms of authophagy.


Science Fun of the Week

(September 30th, 2016) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: The metabolic rates of elves and hobbits.


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Observations of The Owl -
Why Not Self-Plagiarise?

Current Issue - OwlYesternight, my old cousin, Elf-Owl, celebrated a bigbirthday. Veeeery unfortunately,however, I wasn’t able to attend his party. That’s at least what I messaged him via Who-Bleeps (our bird world’s equivalent to your WhatsApp, my dear human readers)...more

Publication Analysis 2007-2013: Urology Research

Current Issue - Publication AnalysisHighly-cited European urologists have only one thing on their mind – diagnosing and finding the best treatment for prostate cancer. Germany and Italy are the top countries for this research... more

Bench philosophy: Mechanotyping of cells

Current Issue - MethodsThere has been a growth in methods of quickly sorting cells on the basis of their physical properties. This approach is attractive because it is label-free and amenable to rapid sorting. New methods, developed in parallel with microfluidics, are pushing the boundaries of this important set of new techniques even further... more

Tips and tricks of the trade: Easy and Affordable Spare Parts

Current Issue - TricksMoulding is a very old production technique, already applied by the ancient Greeks and Romans to fabricate bronze statues of their gods and heroes. But it is also a very modern and smart method to reproduce hard-to-find spare parts of lab apparatuses... more

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